• Secret Paris (4 hours) Description

    For the visitors already familiar with the classic, historical and artistic landmarks of the city, but nonetheless curious and passionate of the "unmapped", your guide will take you for a half day discovery of the "secrets" of Paris: a mix of unique, surprising, undiscovered sites and landmarks and interesting, amusing, incredible anecdotes and stories that will ravish you.

    Here are some appetizers to awaken your curious mind:
    The Secrets of the Vendôme Square : Marie Antoinette, Coco Chanel, etc
    The Cardinal's gardens and boutiques
    The Paris of the 19th century and Napoleon III (short walking visit)
    Wars of Religion (The bell that started the massacre of the Huguenots)
    The secret Tower of Catherine de Medicis
    In the footsteps of the Templar Knights
    The Garden in a hospital.
    The deadly Barber
    The House of Heloise and Abelard

    Please book in order to still your hunger...

    Extra charge for a pick up and/or a drop off outside Paris

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