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  • Bruges guided tour from Paris (1 Day) Description

    Bruges, a splendid medieval city, also called “the Venice of the North”, is one of Belgium's crown jewels. In no other European city, the feel and look of medieval times are so present as here in this city close to the North Sea.

    Founded in the 9th Century by the Vikings, the settlement became very quickly an important international harbor thanks to a sea–arm called the Zwin that connected Bruges to the North Sea.

    From the 12th C on, traders from all over the known world came to the city to sell their products to each other and buy Flemish cloth , making Bruges an international financial and trading center as well as the ware house of the North European Hansa cities.

    Several countries had their own representatives in Bruges: the Italians, the Germans, the Scottish, the Spanish, making the city a true European Center with its splendid late-Gothic buildings and churches and its famous Flemish painters like Van Eyck or Memling.

    With the progressive silting of the Zwin and the competition of Antwerp, the bigger harbour, Bruge's wealth started declining beginning of the 16th C, slipping a century later , after its former glory was only a memory, into a winter-sleep that lasted several centuries.

    In the middle of the 1800's Bruges was the poorest city in Belgium.

    The 20th C however brought new life. The city was rediscovered throughout the world-wars by international tourism and its unique medieval heritage became a fascination for millions of people all over the world making Bruges one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Europe.

    Your private, licensed driver-guide will pick you up at your hotel or apartment at 07:00.

    The drive to Bruges will take about 3h30 (you will stop half-way for coffee and croissants).

    After parking the van in the center of town, your guide will walk with you to the MARKET SQUARE, the medieval heart of the city surrounded by spectacular neo-Gothic buildings where you will start your visit at the imposing 83 m high BELFRY TOWER, the proud symbol of Bruge's independence for centuries with its original cloth hall that used to house 384 sales stands.

    The stiff climb of its 366 staircases with a display of the old treasury room will be rewarded with an unforgettable panorama and the lovely music of a carillon consisting of an impressive clock mechanism of 47 bells.

    After passing the statues of Jan Breydel and Peter de Coninck,the heroes of the “battle of the Golden Spurs” that won Bruge's independence, you will have a look at the impressive PROVINCIAL COURTHOUSE before joining the BURG SQUARE, the heart of the administrative Bruges with the Gothic TOWN HALLdating from 1376, one of the most beautiful buildings of the city , its monumental front facade displaying the town weapons and its large staircase leading to the so called Gothic Hall with spectacular wall paintings that illustrate the most important historical events of Bruges.

    Next to the Town Hall you will have a look at the former COURT OF JUSTICE with the statues of Moses and Aaron on the facade and its famous chimney in wood , marble and

    alabaster built in 1528, before visiting the CHAPEL OF THE HOLY BLOOD that displays the ampul reputed to contain the blood of Christ that was brought back from Jerusalem after the second crusade by Diederik van den Elzas (visit of the Romanesque Basilius chapel on the ground level and of the Gothic Chapel with the Relic on the first floor).

    After the visit your guide will take you to a nice local restaurant where you will enjoy LUNCH.

    It is time now for a very interesting and relaxing BOAT CRUISE (around 45 minutes, tickets not included) on the Canals of Bruges, these remarkable city arteries where you will discover secret gardens, picturesque bridges, and wonderful still lives.

    Before heading back to Paris, you will have free time to explore some of the 49 CHOCOLATE boutiques of Bruges ( Bruges is the world capital of chocolate) where you will discover this tasty universe by eating and sampling chocolate.

    Lunch and etrance tickets not included
    Extra charge for a pick up and/or a drop off outside Paris
    Extra charge for a pick up and/or a drop off outside Paris

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